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Create stunning designs in a flash with Microsoft Designer No design skills needed! And if you have design skills, we’re here to help you flex ‘em
You’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account. Designer’s only available for Mac and PC right now, but we’ll be working on a mobile version soon.
Mouse cursor hovering over a geometric shape Get one-click design suggestions for any idea you have Geometric shape inside a cartoon light bulb Find ideas and inspiration to help you create a design you’ll love Heart and thumbs up icons inside circles Publish your designs directly to your social media accounts
Create custom images for your designs
A dog in a space suit riding a bike Need a pic of a hound dog in a space suit riding a bike while eating a bucket of popcorn? Designer can make it for you! AI-generated images created in Microsoft Designer by DALL·E 2.
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Since you’re one of the very first to try Designer, we’d love your feedback as we continue to build Designer with you in mind. first to try Designer
Thanks for joining our community! Microsoft Designer Team
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