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Nova is a new kind of UI framework made for Unity developers, designers, and creators.

  • AppleXRConcept PublicSource code for Nova Apple XR concept video C#  77 CC0-1.0  8  0  0 Updated on Jun 19
  • GridInventorySample PublicA grid-style inventory management UI which includes a scrollable, dynamically populated inventory with support for moving/rearranging items in the inventory. ShaderLab  1 CC0-1.0 0  0  0 Updated on Mar 28
  • XRHandMenuSample PublicA hand menu for XR showcasing how to build 3D content and supporting hands as an input modality. C#  15 CC0-1.0  1  0  0 Updated on Mar 28
  • Community PublicWhere the Nova community can ask/answer each other’s questions and share insights, tips and tricks, useful code snippets, etc. 3  0  0 Updated on Mar 23
  • Feedback PublicThe Nova feedback repo used for filing bugs, requesting features, and asking questions. 7  0  0 Updated on Mar 23
  • MobileSettingsSample PublicA colorful, multi-page settings menu that includes drop-downs, toggles, and sliders.

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